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Richard Bennett - Former Catholic Priest
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Bob DeWaay
Pastor Twin Cities Fellowship

Contending For the Faith in the New Age

Brian Flynn
Author of Running Against the Wind

Listen to Brian Flynn's interview
on VCY America discussing "Christian Yoga"

Brian Flynn Interviews with CrossTalk
Listen to a caller who says he is a witch and says it looks like Christianity is coming his way!
RealAudio Windows Media 

New Age Movement - VCY America

Leaders of the New Age Movement - KKMS

Cecil Andrews
Take Heed Ministries

Spiritual Deception/Contemplative Prayer

The Alpha Course - Part One

The Alpha Course - Part Two

Dave Hunt
Author of Seduction of Christianity

The Berean Call

Renovare Renovates the Bible
A Biblical Examination of Richard Foster's New "Bible"

Kathy Mickels
Author of Spiritual Junk Food

Deceiving Christian Youth

Mike Oppenheimer
Author of Empty Pulpit
Let Us Reason Ministries

The Empty Pulpit
What Has Happened to the Church

(yoga, mysticism, interspirituality, etc.)
Part Two - With Brian Flynn and Bob DeWaay+


Ray Yungen
Author of A Time of Departing

Contemplative Prayer - Part One - VCY America

Part Two
Part Three

Roger Oakland
Author of Another Jesus?

The Emerging Church

Warren Smith
Author of Deceived on PurposeThe Light That Was Dark and Reinventing Jesus Christ

Warren Smith's Gives His Testimony and Talks about the New Age - SWRC


New Age- Part One - VCY America
Part Two

Deceived on Purpose - Part One - VCY America
Part Two

Purpose Driven Follow Up

Deborah Dombrowski
Author of Laugher Calls Me

with Steve Muse (ERWM)
Spiritual Deception - The New Age & the Church

Christian Leaders & the New Age

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