The Bridges of Contemplative Prayer

Bridges of Contemplative Prayer
Promoters of contemplative prayer believe this mystical experience is a bridge between Christianity and other religions, particularly Islam and Buddhism.

Listen to some of these contemplatives as they pronounce their interspirituality:

"Those who have practiced Transcendental Meditation may be surprised to learn that Christianity has its own time-honored form of mantra meditation ... Reliance on a mantric centering device had a long history in the mystical canon of Christianity."
—Ronald Miller, As Above, So Below, p. 52.

"This mystical stream [contemplative prayer] is the Western bridge to Far Eastern spirituality."
—Tilden Edwards, Spiritual Friend, p. 18.

"Our job is to construct a bridge that connects the ancient text with our contemporary audience, making it easier for them to see the immediate application
of God's Word."
—Rick Warren, Pastors.com

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