Deepak Chopra Quantum Spirituality and a Critical Mass

Dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra: Meditate to Lose Weight


In the video below, Dr. Oz, the new weight-loss mentor for thousands of Christians through Rick Warren’s new Daniel Plan, talks to New Ager Deepak Chopra about meditating to lose weight. What they don’t tell you in this video is that eastern-style meditation can put participants into contact with demonic spirits. The Bible warns against such harmful practices. Yet, Dr. Oz, also a Reiki advocate, is taking his spiritual “insights” to Rick Warren’s followers.

Note: After you have watched this video, please consider spending a few minutes reading the Word of God and praying for those who are attending Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan.

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Interview between Larry King and Deepak Chopra:

KING: He is a physician, he is a counselor and he's a best- selling author. The book, his latest, is "How to Know God." When he appeared on this show the first time to discuss this book, it took off at number one. It went to number one in Amazon. It's been a major bestseller ever since, We thought we'd invite him back and take a lot more phone calls than last time. This has become an industry. There's also What happens if you hit that?

DEEPAK CHOPRA, AUTHOR, "HOW TO KNOW GOD": You can have a conversation with other people who have read the book, but you can also ask questions and post your problems. And what the Web site does is, what does is it doesn't give you the answers, but gives you the tools to find the answers within yourself.

KING: Isn't that, frankly, the title, a little arrogant? Who are you to tell me how to know God?

CHOPRA: Well actually, the title comes from an ancient Vidanta text that was written thousands of years ago, and I used that text as the basis for this book. So what I'm doing is I'm expounding on a very ancient wisdom tradition that originally had that title. Click here to read entire interview.

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