The (New Age) Department of Peace

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New Age leader Marianne Williamson has teamed up with Walter Cronkite and Senator Dennis Kucinich to lobby Washington DC for a Department of Peace. Lighthouse Trails believes this Department of Peace will ultimately become a controlling center for those who resist the unified effort to rid the world of "narrow-mindedness" that would say there is only one way to God, Jesus Christ.

Important Note: On February 3rd, 2009, after several years of effort by Marianne Williamson and other key New Age figures, the Department of Peace took a giant step toward becoming a reality when Bill HR808 was reintroduced into the U.S. House of Representatives, by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH-10) with 62 Congressional cosponsors. Two additional cosponsors signed on after introduction, bringing the total number of supporters to 65.introduced to Congress.

Feature Article: Now that the election is over, what about the Department of Peace?One Dream

Now that the election is over, Lighthouse Trails has a question, and that is, "What about the Department of Peace?" Most Christians have probably never heard of it. Those who have been tracking the news through Lighthouse Trails for some time most likely have. One thing that may happen with the new administration is that the Department of Peace will become a reality.

Right now in Washington DC, a group of New Age lobbyists are working diligently to get the government to establish what they are calling the U.S. Department of Peace. The chief lobbying organization--The Peace Alliance--was founded by New Age leaders Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. In essence, the Department of Peace, should it become a reality, will be a means to enforce New Age based hate crime legislation.

The legislation could very well lead ultimately to what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls the selection process, which is based on the New Age belief in order to stop the crises and turmoil in the world, all must go along with the plan, and resistance of any kind will be intolerable. The spiritual reasoning behind it is that unless humanity is enlightened to realize its own divinity, the world will head into Armageddon, and those who are self-centered (biblical Christians) are the only ones standing in the way from the planet being saved. We, of course, know that God's enemy, the devil, hates the Gospel and the messengers of this Gospel of true peace (because of the atonement for sins by Jesus Christ). Click here to read this entire article.

The New Gospel Campaign for Peace by Warren Smith

From the Ashes

In the fall of 2001, a book entitled From the Ashes: A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America was published by the multi-faith e-community Beliefnet. The book contained articles by a variety of “spiritual leaders” and “extraordinary citizens” written in response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Proceeds from the book were to go to surviving families. A number of Christian leaders were included in this book as well as many familiar New Age leaders. Articles by Billy Graham, Charles Colson, Bill Hybels, Max Lucado, Bruce Wilkinson, Rick Warren and others were interspersed with articles written by popular New Age figures like the Dalai Lama, Starhawk the witch and Neale Donald Walsch. Not only did Christian leaders find themselves in the company of top New Age leaders in this book, they were also now being challenged by some of these same New Age leaders. For example, Neale Donald Walsch’s article appeared near the beginning of the book and challenged Christian ministers and religious leaders everywhere, in the light of September 11th, to adopt the New Gospel teaching that “we are all one.” This was based on the unbiblical New Age belief that God is in everyone and everything. Walsch wrote:

We must change ourselves. We must change the beliefs upon which our behaviors are based. We must create a different reality, build a new society…. We must do so with new spiritual truths. We must preach a new gospel, its healing message summarized in two sentences:

We are all one.
Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.

This 15-word message, delivered from every lectern and pulpit, from every rostrum and platform, could change everything overnight. I challenge every priest, every minister, every rabbi, and religious cleric to preach this.1

Walsch obviously knew how spiritually appealing the idea of peace and oneness would sound to a frightened humanity wondering when the next disaster might strike. What an opportune time to introduce the New Age doctrine of spiritual oneness to an anxious and vulnerable world. But the Bible clearly teaches that while all nations are of one blood (Acts 17:26), they are not all of one spirit (Romans 8:9-14; 1 Corinthians 2:12). The Bible states that we are only “one” with God and with each other in Jesus Christ. Click here to read this entire article.

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