Eschatology - The Study of the Last Days


While believers may vary in their views of just how the end of times and the coming of the Lord will take place, there are certain false doctrines within Christendom that are being presented as biblical doctrines. They are anything but that and are dangerous and heretical. They include: Preterism, Dominionism, Replacement Theology and Reconstructionism. Below are a few research ministries that write about eschatology. Though we may not necessarily agree with all of the views they present, we believe you will find some solid research for your prayerful consideration and discernment.

Preparing for Persecution
by Berit Kjos
Kjos Ministries
"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." Tertullian, 1st century AD

"On a cold drizzly day in early 1998, I took a sobering tour through the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. A picture of a Gestapo officer brought back memories of the Nazi soldiers that guarded our neighborhood in Norway during World War II. Young as I was -- I was born in Oslo early in the war -- I will never forget the piercing air raids, the thundering war planes, our hiding place in the basement, and the sounds of exploding bombs and fires around us. My young father was part of the "Hjemme Fronten" (the Home Front) -- an underground army of loyal Norwegians who would rather die than submit to Nazi tyranny. Caught helping other brave soldiers escape into neutral Sweden, he endured hunger, torture, and the threat of death in three concentration camps before his release at the end of the war. Through the years of oppression, we all learned to treasure our freedom." Read more...

"The deceived church of the end-time is not merely the product of human errors of judgment caused by poor spiritual insight, but it clearly also shows signs of a satanic spirit of error.

"It is becoming more evident by the day that the kingdom of darkness has a calculated plan to deceive and misdirect the Christian church to the extent that members will become unfaithful to the true Christ and give their cooperation to prepare the human-centered, earthly kingdom of the cosmic Christ of all faiths (the Antichrist). The image of Christ is gradually, as unnoticeable as possible, changed to become conformable to the multireligious image of the Antichrist."—Read Entire Article by Professor Johan Malan, Theology and Objectives of the Church

Read Entire Article and Oswald Chambers Quotes.

Replacement Theology
by Anonymous Author (1989)

There is a lot of confusion going around these days about God's promises, even among our own ranks here at (unnamed organization). I'd like to take this opportunity to dispel a little of the confusion. There is a powerful movement afoot called Replacement Theology which states that the church is Israel and the promises given to Israel were primarily for the church. This movement is incurring the wrath of God, as it increasingly condemns the nation of Israel as illegitimate, which is natural for folks who believe the church has replaced Israel. Even among those who still hold to Israel to one degree or another, there seems to be a propensity for yanking Old Testament promises out of the Bible -- and, I might add, out of context -- and indiscriminately applying them to modern church situations. The tendency is to select those promises which fit church theology (like healing, prosperity, victory) and ignore those which do not (like punishment for rebellion, keeping of feasts, sacrifices). To set the record straight: the church did not yet exist when those promises were given, and they were not given to Israel as a "type" of the church until the church should inherit them. The Old Testament promises were given to Israel, and they apply to Israel. Many of them ALSO apply to the church in a general way, and many of them apply to all nations in a general way, and many of them apply only to Israel. We have got to quit assuming that just because some teacher of the Word says the Bible says something is ours, that it is. We must understand the situation and context in which the promises were given -- promises of blessing and/or cursing, of redemption, et-cetera -- before we can understand the promises themselves. Click here to read rest of article, Replacement Theology.

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