Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Lighthouse Trails Begin?

What Do You at Lighthouse Trails Believe?

What is Contemplative Spirituality?

What about Matthew 18?

Is Lighthouse Trails Publishing a "vanity press"?
Answer: Lighthouse Trails is an industry-standard LLC publishing company, registered in the state of Montana. We are not a vanity press (i.e., we do not take money from authors to publish their books). We have legal contracts with each author, and we pay them royalties for book and DVD sales per those contracts.

Why don't you talk to these people first before exposing their deeds?
This is not a Matthew 18 situation. We are not dealing with private persons but rather with those who have become major public, influential figures. Please refer to our web page regarding this.

Wouldn't it be better to keep these matters quiet and hidden rather than let everyone know about them?
The word occult means hidden. The power of sin lies in its secrecy. When light is shone on darkness, the darkness is expelled.

Is it right to speak to and about Christian figures this way? Isn't is disrespectful?
God is no respecter of persons. It is deceitful to keep silent when we know something is wrong just so we can be popular and more liked by others. While Scripture tells the Christian to always speak the truth in love, it does also instruct us to expose false doctrine and to defend the faith.

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