Global Peace Plans

Global Peace Plans— Who Has Them and What's the Difference Between Them?

Neale Donald Walsch Peace Plan

"In October, 2005 Neale Donald Walsch stood before an audience in Deventer, The Netherlands and said, 'You give me 1000 people from across the globe who are as dedicated to Spirit as some people are dedicated to violence and we''ll change the world.'" from Neale Donald Walsch's website.

Walsch's New Spirituality: "The New Spirituality is a global movement to create the space for humanity to experience its natural impulse toward the divine in a way which makes no one else wrong for the way in which they are doing it." Neale Donald Walsch, from the Group of 1000 website.

"These are the Five Steps to Peace, and if you take them, you can shift everything on our planet."
—Neal Donald Walsch

"The New Revolutions also contains a five-step plan for peace in the world. We call it the Five Steps to Peace.... We are suggesting that people become modern day Martin Luther's and take the five steps to peace and tack them up on church house doors, as Martin Luther did with his 95 theses in 1517 in Wittenburg, Germany, which started of course, the first Reformation. Our intention is to stimulate the second great Reformation of world religion. That is our intention, our goal and our purpose. We intend to, in fact, inspire the second great Reformation of world religion.... It is now time for a call to action.Living the New Spirituality, an interview with Neale Donald Walsch by Debbie Smoker


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Rick Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan
"The next phase of the game plan of the new evangelical gurus, (Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, and Bruce Wilkinson) is God's plan to change the world through the seeker-friendly churches that buy into Rick Warren's new global peace plan that he says WILL HAPPEN. PEACE stands for: P lant churches E quip leaders A ssist the poor C are for the sick E ducate the next generation."
—Don Koenig, The Prophetic Year

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Robert Schuller's Peace Plan

"I'm dreaming a bold impossible dream: that positive-thinking believers in God will rise above the illusions that our sectarian religions have imposed on the world, and that leaders of the major faiths will rise above doctrinal idiosyncrasies, choosing not to focus on disagreements, but rather to transcend divisive dogmas to work together to bring peace." More

Bruce Wilkinson's DREAM Plan

Bruce Wilkinson's "morality lite"


M Scott Peck and Global Peace


Barbara Marx Hubbard

A Human Manifesto


Department of Peace and the Dawning of the New Age

Creating a Culture of Peace

Marianne Williamson's Peace Alliance
to form a Department of Peace Conference.

Board of Directors (Oct 26, 2013) of the "Department of Peace" project.

Board of Directors (Today) of the "Department of Peace" project.


Benjamin Creme
"The peoples of the world have caught the vision of freedom, of justice, and peace, and will not let it go. They, rather than their leaders, will outline the future and shape it to their needs. Thus will it be." Share International

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