Homosexuality and the New Spirituality

Special Note From Lighthouse Trails
We believe God loves every single human being and desires that all should come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. We do not believe any person should be treated with hateful or cruel behavior.
The Responsibility of the Believer

We also believe the homosexual lifestyle is wrong (sinful) and that God makes that very clear in His Word. It is our responsibility as Christians to speak the truth in love, understanding that sin separates us from God, but the moment someone repents and makes Jesus Christ his or her Lord, fellowship and relationship with God can take place.

As Christians, we cannot say to the world that homosexuality is acceptable, but we can say to the homosexual, we love you and care about you. We believe God, through Jesus Christ, can help you come out of the homosexual lifestyle, as He has promised to give strength when He is called upon. That does not mean you will never have a moment of weakness or temptation, but freedom and peace are always just that sincere prayer of repentance away.

The Responsibility of the Believer Who Struggles with Homosexuality

We have all sinned and fallen short of His glory, but we must deny our fleshly lusts, renounce them, and then trust His grace to help us. If you are a born-again believer who is struggling to find victory against the homosexual lifestyle, please do not give in to the pull that says, "It's ok to continue in that lifestyle and still consider yourself a practicing Christian." While anyone of us can cave in to temptation, we cannot minimize the importance of "putting on the full armour of God" that we might find victory. And then, by His grace and His strength, so walk. Our sin separates us from our Creator ... it is only through Jesus Christ that we can receive forgiveness, and that is a free gift. But we must "take up our cross and follow Him."

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

To Those Who Have Never Been Born-Again

If you have never been born-again and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can come to Him just as you are, and if, in sincerity, you give your life wholeheartedly to Him, He will wash you and cleanse you, and by His grace deliver you from darkness. (Click here for some important information on eternal salvation.)



"Turning the grace of God into lasciviousness"
Philip Yancey is "confused."
Cecil Andrews of Take Heed

NOUWEN DEFENDED HOMOSEXUALITY?-- Christianity Today (11/11) said of Henri Nouwen who died Sept. 21 (1996): "Acknowledged as one of the world's great spiritual writers, the renowned Catholic theologian left behind a wealth of insights..." The Fall'96 Record (a pro-homosexual newsletter of Evangelicals Concerned) said Nouwen taught psychology at Notre Dame and theology at Yale/ Harvard. It said: "For the past quarter century Nouwen was supportive of "a deep personal relationship based on a strong mutual attraction between two men or two women." It quoted Nouwen as writing (1971) that he who pretends not to have homosexual feelings is "like a man who pretends to be able to live without a heart."

Should Ted Haggard Story Change Society's View on Homosexuality & Pornography?

I know that gay rights activists, the liberal media, and others are going to say, "See, why should we ban homosexual marriages? Even the Christians do it. Why should we say it is wrong? And why should we even become Christians? They are no different." But I want to say something that shows why homosexuality and pornography are harmful and why they destroy families and society.

Even if Ted Haggard were not guilty as this man says he is, I think the Christian leaders, as a whole, have been walking in deception and sin for some time, and they have bankrupted Christendom and at the price of truth, and souls have been lost because of it. I pray there will be judgment in the house of the Lord - that the sexual perversions, the mysticism, the New Age, the over zealous marketing and deceptions will be eradicated and the true body of Christ will shine through (even though Jesus said the world will hate us - did the leaders forget that part?) As leaders like Rick Warren and David Jeremiah have contacted Lighthouse Trails, and as I have seen first hand their efforts to defend themselves and cover up the truth, I have wondered why they should still be called the leaders of the church. And then I realized, the true body of Christ is not made up of leaders that compromise, deceive and go after wealth and preach false doctrines that the Bible warns about. The true body of Christ has one leader, and He is a powerful—yet loving, a righteous—yet compassionate God. And He is the only way of salvation—there is absolutely no other way. As opposed to the religions of the world, with Christ, we cannot earn salvation; He gives it freely. While we have all sinned and equally need forgiveness from him, and while we do sin and need to go daily to Him in humility and confession, we cannot abide in sin if He lives in us. And He will live in the soul who humbles himself and asks Jesus Christ to be Lord of their lives.

There is a story I would like to tell. It has to do with one Christian family and what homosexuality and pornography did to them. It is a true story. Catherine was 25 years old and pregnant when her husband deserted her and their children. He was gone for two years, having utterly abandoned his family. Then one day, he showed up but with him came a secret so great and so horrible, and one Catherine would not learn about for three long years. In the end, the innocence of her children was ripped out of their lives, and in order to protect them from further harm, Catherine had no choice but to take her children and go into hiding in another country.

What does homosexuality and pornography do to families? Add to that the victimization of children, which is often the case, and you have the ingredients to destroy a society. Throw in drugs and New Age mysticism... and you have little to hold on to. While everyone, both Christian and non-Christian alike, have their thoughts and opinions about Ted Haggard and the implications of this situation, let us remember that homosexuality and pornography destroys families and society. How do I know? I am Catherine, and my story, Laughter Calls Me, is the story of my children.

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