Ken Wilber New Age Meditation Proponent

Ken Wilber
(See His Official Website)

"Ken Wilber was raised in a conservative Christian church, but at some point he left that faith and is now a major proponent of Buddhist mysticism. His book that Bell recommends, A Brief History of Everything, is published by Shambhala Publications, named after the term, which in Buddhism means the mystical abode of spirit beings. Wilber is one of the most respected and highly regarded theoreticians in the New Age movement today." Roger Oakland, from Faith Undone

"Wilber's world view is a variation of pantheistic monism—all is Spirit and all is one (or nondual). His breed of pantheism is evolutionary or emenational."—Doug Groothius

Wilber is perhaps best known for what he calls integral theory. On his website, he has a chart called the Integral Life Practice Matrix, which lists several activities one can practice "to authentically exercise all aspects or dimensions of your own being-in-the-world.

Here are a few of these spiritual activities that Wilber promotes: yoga, Zen, centering prayer, kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), TM, tantra (Hindu-based sexuality), and kundalini yoga. There are others of this nature, as well. A Brief History of Everything discusses these practices (in a favorable light) as well. from Velvet Elvis, A Doorway to the New Age

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