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Another Jesus by Roger Oakland

A Time of Departing
by Ray Yungen

Castles in the Sand
by Carolyn A. Greene
The only novel exposing the contemplative prayer/spiritual formation movement

Faith Undone
by Roger Oakland

For Many Shall Come in My Name
by Ray Yungen

Foxe's Book of Martyrs
by John Foxe

Let There Be Light
by Roger Oakland

Muddy Waters
by Nanci Des Gerlaise

Seducers Among Our Children
by Patrick Crough

Strength for Tough Times
by Maria Kneas

The Color of Pain
by Gregory Reid

The Other Side of the River
by Kevin Reeves

Trapped in Hitler's Hell
Anita Dittman

Things We Couldn't Say
Diet Eman

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The New Face of Mystical Spirituality with Ray Yungen (3 DVDS)

Emerging Church series with Roger Oakland (4 DVDS)

Standing Fast in the Last Days

God of Wonders

Hidden Heroes

The Radicals

Searching for the Truth in Origins
with Roger Oakland

The Story of Anita Dittman

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It's All in Place by Trevor Baker

Bring Me Back by Trevor Baker

The Loney Road by Trevor Baker

String of Pearls by Amanda LeBail

A Whisper in the Wind by Amanda LeBail

At the Edge of the World by Bob Ayanian

Good News in the Badlands by Bob Ayanian

An Anthology of Sacred Carols by James Sundquist

An Anthology of Sacred Hymns by James Sundquist

Songs for the Road Home by Buck Storm

Book Reviews
by From the Lighthouse

Book Reviews from Deception in the Church

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