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Nav Press Publishers— Promoting Contemplative Prayer While Many Depend on Their Material

The following are quotes from an issue of the NavPress kids magazine, Pray Kids. (Loads a bit slow.)

"Going to the next level with Jesus in contemplative prayer really can be more exciting than your favorite video game. Why not take a God-break right now and discover what's at the next level?"

"Contemplate: Be still before God. Get a picture of a sunset in your mind . . . or something else He has made that amazes you. Wait quietly to let Him tell you about Himself. Now contemplate God the Father, or Jesus, using Lectio Divina with these passages: Exodus 15:11; Psalm 145:13; Ephesians 1:18-23."

"If you've picked a topic for your time with Jesus, find something to hold that will remind you of it. For instance, if you are contemplating His many thoughts about you, hold a cup of sand (Psalm 139:17-18, New Living Translation). If you are thinking about His tender care, hold a strand of your hair (Matthew 10:30)."

Articles on Nav Press Website Show Their Contemplative Ways

Nav Press and Lectio Divina
"Lectio Divina is a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures, which uses the Bible as a means of union with God. It was developed by the early church around the sixth century A.D. through St. Benedict (although it has roots in ancient Judaism). It was passed on for centuries in monasteries; but during the 16th century it seemed to disappear and was replaced by the more verbal prayers we know today. Only recently has it been rediscovered by Catholics and Protestants alike."
Linda Corbin for Nav Press

Eastern Meditation and Nav Press
Sadly, New Agers and practitioners of eastern religions may have more experience with meditation than many Christians do these days. But it hasn’t always been that way. And it shouldn’t stay that way."
What's It Means To Meditate?

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