Has the New Age Infiltrated Christianity

Contemplative Prayer ... Mantra Meditation ... Higher Self ... Centering Prayer ... Reiki ... Labyrinths ... The Silence ... Spiritual Formation ... Spiritual Directors ... Visualization

If your church is using this language then there is a good chance your church has been infiltrated with the New Age agenda.

The New Age
by Ray Yungen (Author of A Time of Departing)

"The term [New Age] itself may indeed be fairly recent but the actual practices and beliefs involved are thousands of years old. For instance, the slave girl mentioned in Acts 16 was in effect a New Ager. The term itself was taken from astrology making reference to the Aquarian age in which humanity is supposedly going to realize its inner divinity. Hence, anyone who engages in these mystical practices is associated with this view, even though they may have lived centuries ago. It's not the term; it's the practices that are at issue here."

"Where does the church go to get the answers? There is a host of new speakers and books today that are trying to feed the spiritual hunger of seekers of a spiritual life. But they are not leading them to Jesus Christ (and His Word-the way it was written) but to a convergence, a synthesis of religious practices.... A synthesis of other spiritual practices borrowed from other religions was unacceptable by the apostles and the early church. —Spiritual fusion: East comes West, Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries

Some of Today's Top New Age Leaders

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles

Neal Donald Walsch

Matthew Fox

Eckhart Tolle

Andrew Cohen

Audio Clip of Cohen


The Stories of Former New Agers

Warren Smith

Rita Williams,
A Former Mormon

Kevin Reeves


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