Christian Organizations Promote New Spirituality

Look at these web sites and decide for yourself.

See Christian Publishers That Promote CP.

See "Spiritual Formation" list.

Contemplative Colleges


Boundless Webzine (Focus on the Family)

Christianity Today

Today's Christian Woman

Group Magazine
See Ancient-Future Youth Ministry" by Mark Yaconelli (GROUP Magazine—July/August 1999)

Relevant Magazine


Youth Worker

Charisma Magazine

Worship Leader Magazine


This does not mean every member of each of these denominations practices contemplative prayer but enough of the denominations' leadership endorses it to cause concern.

American Baptist Church
"People today evince a fascination with Christian practices of the past, such as the contemplative prayer of lectio divina, and see no conflict between them" —ABC

Church of the Brethren

Episcopal Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

General Conference Mennonite Church
There is much evidence that the Mennonite Church has embraced contemplative spirituality

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
(Take note of their reference to Thomas Keating who is one of the modern day fathers of contemplative spirituality.)

Mennonite Church

Nazarene Church of America

Presbyterian Church USA

Rick Warren and Purpose Driven Church

United Church of Christ

United Methodist Church

Wesleyan Church

Willow Creek Association

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