Christian Publishers

Christian Publishers NOT Going in the Contemplative/Emerging Way

Important Note: Please note that listing these companies below is not necessarily an endorsement or recommendation. While we believe the companies below do not offer contemplative/emerging/"new" spirituality materials, please use discernment whenever you turn to a book or DVD other than the Word of God for guidance or inspiration. As Christians, we must "Test all things" and "Try the spirits" through the screen of Scripture (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1).

Most of companies listed below are smaller publishing companies, and your local bookstores may not be carrying their titles. But often you can request your bookstore to order their titles.

Non-Contemplative/Emerging Publishers

Apologetics Coordination Team

Believers in Grace

Bible Truth Publishers



Eternal Productions

Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Peppermint Stick Learning Company

Prairie Press

Rod & Staff Books

St. Matthews Publishing (UK)

The Berean Call

TGS International Trinitarian Bible Society Understand the Times

** Harvest House, Barbour, and Moody Publishers have some good publications, but use discernment and caution because of some indications that they are being influenced by contemplative/emerging. Please contact them and ask them to steer clear of these types of materials.  

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