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They Like Jesus But Not the ChurchDan Kimball's new book, They Like Jesus But Not the Church should really be called They Like (Another) Jesus But Not the Church, the Bible, Morality, or the Truth. Kimball interviews several young people (one is a lesbian) who tell him they "like and respect Jesus" but they don't want anything to do with going to church or with those Christians who take the Bible literally. Kimball says these are "exciting times" we live in "when Jesus is becoming more and more respected in our culture by non-churchgoing people (p. 12). He says we should "be out listening to what non-Christians, especially those in their late teens to thirties, are saying and thinking about the church and Christianity" (p. 12).

According to Kimball, it is vitally important that we as Christians be accepted by non-Christians and not thought of as abnormal or strange. But in order to do that, he says we must change the way we live and behave. He says things like Christian bumper stickers (p. 40) and Christian words like "fellowship," (p. 41) are "corny" and might offend a non-believer or seeker. Kimball insists (p. 19) that "those who are rejecting faith in Jesus" do so because of their views of Christians and the church. But he makes it clear throughout the book that these distorted views are not the fault of the unbeliever but are the fault of Christians, but not all Christians, just those fundamentalist ones who take the Bible literally, believe that homosexuality is a sin and think certain things are wrong and harmful to society ... and actually speak up about these things. Click here to read this entire book review.

Which Christ Do They Like?
An excerpt from They Like Jesus But Not the Church:

"Most people today, whether in the church or outside the church, believe Jesus is a good person who has some sort of spiritual insight. When Pamela Anderson explained why she gives money to the homeless, she answered: 'If I refuse one of them, I'd be like, 'Oh my God. What if that was Jesus?'' I have no idea what she believes, but even if she isn't following Jesus, she still has some respect for him." (p. 53)—Dan Kimball

Kimball, on using the term "pastor"—
"Most church leaders now actually feel embarrassed to tell people they are pastors. Some even choose titles other than pastor so they aren't dismissed by people outside the church. Some people aren't even comfortable saying they are a Christian but come up with new terms such as "Christ follower" to avoid negative and distorted associations." (p. 15, They Like Jesus But Not the Church)

Josh McDowell endorses
They Like Jesus But Not the Church

"My father taught me that a problem well defined is half solved. It would be foolish to be in ministry to emerging generations without carefully studying this book." —Josh McDowell, author and speaker


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