Vision Casting

"Vision Casting" - 2006 CD Set Features Rick Warren and Ken Blanchard

In March 2006, Oasis Audio released a CD set featuring Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard.

From the publisher's website: "Leadership experts and communicators will motivate and instruct emerging leaders and seasoned veterans through compelling topics, including: Self-Leadership, Creating a Leadership Culture, Vision Casting, and Leading through Change." The audio set is from Willow Creek's 10th AnVision Casting CD Set from Willow Creekniversary Leadership Summit that took place in 2005, just a few months after Lighthouse Trails issued a press release showing the connection between Rick Warren and New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard. Blanchard, a professing Christian for nearly 20 years, has a long history of promoting meditation and endorsing books by Buddhists and New Agers as well as holding a seat on the Board of the New Age Hoffman Institute. According to Rick Warren, Blanchard signed on to help with Warren's global peace plan. Since then Warren has shown his continued support for Blanchard when he endorsed Blanchard's 2006 book, Lead Like Jesus as well as offering Blanchard's materials on the Purpose Driven Church Planting website.

The term vision casting is discussed below:

As a brand new Christian, I had been horrified years ago to find what amounted to be a New Age book, written by a pastor, prominently displayed on the shelf of a local Christian bookstore. The book was filled with everything I had just left behind in the New Age. Cloaked in Christian language, it encouraged the reader to use guided visualization (now often called "vision casting") and other metaphysical techniques to gain whatever it was they wanted. Pastors were encouraged to "visualize and dream bigger churches" or "a new mission field" or whatever else they thought would improve their church and ministry (1 ).

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